Thursday, January 19, 2012

M-Hub Launch

Twenty-one months after a large group of us met to dream up M-Hub, we officially launched at a staff meeting, today.  The students, presented an introductory video and conducted to a live tour of our site.
Opening Presentation
The girls then directed the staff through search activities looking for universities, careers, etc.
Sarah directs the activities

The searches began at our Moodle portal, which serves as the home page for our intranet.  M-Hub is now linked to Moodle.
Note the Moodle link between counseling and the Media Center

We are also linked to the school's main web site in the drop down menu under alumnae:
We're between Newsletter and Spotlight

The girls led a forum discussion, handled a brief Q and A, and showed the staff our survey.  At the ending of the meeting, staff were invited to fill out the mentor survey at our site.

This was indeed a gratifying day for those of us who attended that first meet, in April, 2010!

M-Hub's First Meeting, April 20, 2010

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