Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toward the M-Hub Launch

The M-Hub Project has been underway since March, 2010.  The student leadership nucleus who took on the project as sophomores are now eager to implement the plan they have designed to connect students with "experts" in the school community like alumnae and parents.

This enterprise has been a great learning experience for all concerned. It has been most gratifying to see the students working side by side with the partners they need to carry out their plans.  This has included regular meetings with the school's webmaster, alumnae director, and database manager.  We quickly discovered that building a database was an extremely tricky proposition.  For the past several months we have been working with the web designer to create a process for alumnae to enter information at our site that then will be searchable by our students.  We have more or less finished this challenging task, and we are drawing closer to our launch.  We are now meeting weekly to meet the following schedule:

* Enlist teachers to help identify standard "tags" for data which might help students with their projects.

* Finish the search tool for our site.

* Finish our "Featured Profile" for the site.

* Beta-test the database by enlisting our "friends of M-Hub to submit data.

* Solicit data from our alumni.

* Launch M-Hub at the January, 2012, staff meeting.

Wish us luck!

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