Monday, April 19, 2010

The Knowledge Hub Project

My last three posts have led me to the launch of M-Hub. As explained in The Inside-Out Knowledge Network, our schools generally do not A) teach our students to network B) utilize expertise within reach of the school and local community.

I propose setting up a "knowledge hub" database with spokes that connect to staff (past and present), parents, and alumnae. We will also identify other professional and academic "experts" in the extended community who are willing to serve as "nodes" on our learning grid. M-Hub will allow our students to shake off the conventions of school calendars, meeting times, and classrooms. The M-Hub will be designed to network passionate learners and serve as a model of collaboration. Its greater purpose will be preparing our students for life-long learning beyond MHS.

I believe this is called a stretch goal. But why not dream big? The first meeting is scheduled for tomorrow and I've invited dreamers to come and help choose a platform for our database. Naysaying will not be featured on the agenda.

I have set up a web site which describe the philosophical underpinnings of the Hub.

Any member of our school community will be welcome at the meeting and may join the virtual discussion at our M-Hub Project Ning. (If you wish to join the ning, please contact me by private email). So far, the Ning has attracted a very nice blend of students, staff, and alumnae.

You can be sure that you will hear more about M-Hub at the Drive-thru!

Screen shot of M-Hub web site. Visit for more information.

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