Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M-Hub Student Leadership

M-Hub is my new passion. Its object is to "help students build personal learning networks through contact with real persons in real time".

My inspiration is most directly based on recent experiences with Apple's Challenge Based Learning. I have watched my students network with amazing "experts" when they have ventured outside of the box.

As I reported last week in Hub-Cap,we had very strong student participation at our launch. In order to take advantage of this initial burst of enthusiasm, I invited these kids to form a core leadership group for the project.

I was thrilled by the response. Nine of the ten invited students attended the meeting forty minutes before school. And they are already busy with tasks:

* We are setting a platform discussion meeting the database manager in our school "Advancement" office and one of our top-notch IS guys, next week. We hope to have 3-4 student leaders in attendance.

*"Branding" M-Hub. We are developing a logo and trying to express our "mission" in an easy-to-understand statement. We will receive reports back to the group, next week, from the individuals who are leading these explorations.

*Club Life - We are exploring how to incorporate ourselves into the school culture. Will we be a "club" that any student may join? Right now, the thinking is that leadership will meet before school but that the club schedule may be used for general meetings.

We scheduled a follow-up leadership meeting after school on May 6. I will report on our progress!

P.S. One of the coolest things observations about M-Hub came from Bob Kirkland: M-Hub can serve as a type of "collective memory" for MHS. I love the idea, and continue to receive support for M-Hub from alumnae around the world.

"Athena" Flickr Creative Commons Photo by brianglanz


WillKnott said...

As I have said, I so anticipate feeding my need to teach (very part-time) via M-Hub. It is a great idea. See you on the 11th.

Larry Baker said...

I'm so glad. I have also found a real eagerness among alumnae to help students learn from or simply network with experts. I'm hoping that at the meeting on May 11th we will be able to discuss how this might actually happen. The kids are eager to take this out of the theoretical realm asap.

Bobsophist said...

From one educator to another... no charge for the observation as long as I can be one of the many synapses of that collective OLM brain.

Larry Baker said...

Bob,your image of the "collective brain" suggests that possibly you have watched too many Star Trek re-runs.

JD said...

I came across you blog while doing a word search for student leadership and I have to say I love the idea. There is a great void in this area, kudos to you for taking up the challenge.

JD Friel

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