Monday, April 5, 2010


Pardon me, but I'm going to be even more self-indulgent than usual.

Last summer when I came back from the '09 ADE Summer Institute, I was exhilarated, but also awed. I simply felt as though I was not in the same league as the other Apple Educators.

Nevertheless, when I learned that Apple would host an ADE "special event" in Florida this summer, I decided to overcome my apprehensions and apply.

Well, lo and behold, I received my acceptance on Friday. When I expressed astonishment to my wife, Barb, she replied that she expected this, considering my "trajectory since last summer."

Cool word, trajectory. It's been stuck in my head since she said it. Last year's Institute gave me the impetus to try out Challenge Based Learning and the confidence to make presentations. I even put myself forward to conduct the staff in-service on Personal Learning Networks. So I guess I have upped my game over the last year.

By the way, the themes for July's "special event" will be

*24/7 Access to relevant digital repositories through mobile devices.

*New pedagogies for learning, including Challenge Based Learning.

Should be a terrific opportunity to give another boost to my trajectory!

"Estela de vapor" Flickr Creative Commons photo by pablodf


Bobsophist said...

Just sounds like an excuse to get an iPhone and an iPad.

Larry Baker said...

So true, so true.

But you would have admired my. "Oh by the way, Dear, to do this 'digital repositories through mobile devices' piece, I'll need an iPhone." This was the first time that Barb didn't object to my yearning by pointing out that I don't really use the cell phone I already have. But I think she was already distracted by her own hankering for a 3G iPad.

Onward and upward!

WillKnott said...

Trajectory is hardly the word to describe the past 9 months. You have gone off the map. And I have loved watching you loving this. It reminds me of how much AP did for me in my final 6 years.

As for the title of this year's seminar, well someone needs to consider the word pithy.

Congrats, and you are entitled to take a few bows.

PS: I watched Tiffany Griner last night.I knew U Conn would handle her, but what scared me was when I heard her voice. This reminds me Olympics gone by when those Eastern European bloc women would talk and you wanted to do a quick check to be sure they weren't men.

Larry Baker said...

Tom, your analogy to the AP course is quite apt, because in both cases we are getting off on excitement of learning.

Ann Lusch said...

Congrats! Not a surprise in this corner, either. :)

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