Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royalty Free Music and Other Great Links

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E-book Publishing Upends a Publishing Course

 In the past year, e-books have skyrocketed in popularity, especially in genre fiction like romance and thrillers. For some new releases, the first week has brought more sales of electronic copies than of print copies. 

A Great Video To Get Students To Think More Carefully About Their Writing

Based on the fact this video has over nine million views on YouTube, I may be the last person who has seen it, but it’s still a great video to get students to think more carefully about their writing

Amazon Rolls out Textbook Rentals for Kindle

The option is already available on "tens of thousands" of textbooks from a number of publishers including John Wiley & Sons, Elsevier and Taylor & Francis. What's more, you can also rest assured that all of your annotations will be saved even after the rental has expired

Tablets Continue to Dent PC Sales
Tablet computers, mostly the Apple iPad at this point, have diverted spending from the PC and laptop. But clearly the competition is affecting computer sales . . .two reports concluded.


Royalty Free Music 2000+ Royalty Free Music Tracks. Downloads or Audio CDs. All Styles

Why Are We Using Standardized Tests to Justify Technology?

Why are some people celebrating the fact that the iPad is being shown to raise test scores?  To me, this seems incongruous and counterproductive.  If we all want to eradicate these dysfunctional assessments because we believe they are faulty measures of learning, then why are we celebrating their ability to measure learning once technology enters into the equation?

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