Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Jeff Bezos is My Hero" and other links

YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers

The new teachers site is part one of two big initiatives on the part of YouTube geared towards educators.  Teachers can also sign up to become part of the YouTube Teachers Community, a mailing list that allows them to share ideas and best practices.

Do the Opposite
Sometimes innovation stems from just deciding NOT to do something.
Have your desks in rows? Change it up. Let your kids set up the room the way they want.
Find yourself lecturing too much? Don't lecture. Having trouble with the wi-fi? Take the kids out for a walk.

Graphing Calculators Face New Competition
It was once the go-to gizmo for high school math whizzes who prided themselves on their ability to turn complex equations into artsy graphs on a black-and-green screen.But 25 years after the introduction of the graphing calculator, some think it’s starting to seem a little too old-school.
On Strategy
Jeff Bezos is my hero. Every time I think about what Amazon might do, I think "if Jeff Bezos was smart, he would do X". Usually what happens is that they do X in an even more brave and insightful way than I could imagine.

iPads, Apps Transforming U.S. Military
For soldiers in the 21st Century, iPads, iPhones, Androids and other smart devices could eventually be as common on the battlefield as helmets, canteens and rifles. These devices are being tested across all branches of the military.

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