Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Video Feast!

Last week over two days we have had a film festival of sorts in S-7.  My final assignment as a teacher of American Government turned our to be one of my best.  After studying some classic presidential campaign ads, students storyboarded a one minute ad for a local personage of stature and ran him/her for Governor or of Michigan or U.S. Senator.  Coincidentally, over the two day period we had four observers-- two from Gale Cengage Learning, a guidance counselor, and an alumna who is about to join Teach for America.  What amazed all of them (and me!) was how good the videos were given that they basically shot and edited them over a three day class period with iPod Touch devices(including a weekend).  Creating the storyboards was a critical step, but they were given no instruction for shooting or editing their spots.  These girls gave me permission to share their spots.

The first comes from Jaclyn and Caroline:

This one comes from Julienne delightfully influenced by the Chrisler/Eminem Ad:

And my personal favorite from Lauren and Rachel:

What do you think?

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Kelli Kerns said...

It is absolutely amazing how expressive students can be when given the right technology. Impressive work!

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