Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Slew of CBL Challenges

Our professional development sessions produced several challenge based learning designs for next school year.  While some of these do not strictly conform to the CBL model, they will involve a ton of  students in a variety of courses.  Our main object was to cultivate the Seven Survival Skills that Tony Wagner outlined in his Global Achievement Gap, and I am confident that these (among others) will help do so:

*Measureably reduce your individual consumer waste output.

*Using social media, convince peers and policy makers about abortion's effect on one specific aspect of society.

"Nissan Qashqai Challenge London" by Richard Parmiter

*Create a web tool for other school students, especially Religious Education classes, that educates, informs and explores the Teaching of Jesus and their relevance to young people today.
*Using knowledge that you have gleaned from this class, make a difference.

*Persuade American teenagers that learning to communicate in another language, other than English, is a vital investment in the 21st century.
*Create designs inspired by Detroit manufacturing history.

*Create a virtual museum demonstrating how life has been both valued and devalued in the same episode of history.

*Take action to improve justice and peace in the city of Detroit.

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