Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ed Tech Quotes for a Summer's Day

screen capture of ashley's video reflection
. . . . I have little doubt any longer that it will be a “roll your own” type of education, one in which traditional institutions and systems play a vastly decreased role in the process. That the emphasis will be on learning and what you can do with it, not on degrees or diplomas or even test scores. As I Tweeted out yesterday, my new favorite quote comes from Cathy Davidson:
“‘Learning’ is the free and open source version of ‘education.’”
I do believe that the emphasis will turn back to the learning process, not the knowing process. And while I don’t think schools go away in the interaction, the “new normal” will be a focus on personalization not standardization, where we focus more on developing learners, not knowers, and where students will create works of beauty that change the world for the better. At some point, we’ll value that more than the SAT.

Shelly Blake-Plock:
We are teachers and we are in the business of relationships, motivation, and the facilitation of dreams. And so we develop ourselves. On blogs. On Twitter. Throughout the PLN. We have used the opportunity of the tools at our disposal to engage in an older and vastly more satisfying form of professional development than the mandatory in-service. We've developed a relationship with development. We are engaging with our growth and our communal experience in an open, social, and mutually beneficial way.

Tom Watson:

Far too many of our schools operate to benefit power, control, politics and adults — not teaching, learning and children . . . . 

The status quo is the enemy and will not take us where we need to be to thrive in the hyper-competitive … global economy.

-Steve Jobs: "We are going to demote the PC to just be a device. We are going to move the digital hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.” 

Kathryn Schultz:
If you really want to rediscover wonder, you need to step outside that tiny, terrified space of 'rightness' and look out at the vastness and complexity of the universe and say. 'Wow, I don't know.  Maybe I'm wrong."

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