Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Future of Education and Other Matters

"Linked Together" by willowmina

The Future of Education is Mobile"
by Daniel Donahoo
The revolution in technology, and subsequently educational technology, is an opportunity, but not a guarantee.

"10 Facebook settings to check right now!" by Mark W. Smith
As Facebook becomes the window to the Web for its more than 500 million users worldwide, the security of the social network has never been a hotter topic.

"Apple is Killing the WWW"  by Ben Camm-Jones

Venture capitalist thinks the company's iOS app model is winning the battle for the internet.

"Peak Social" by George Siemens

Social is one of those lovely words that can be added to anything to make it better.

"Bring Your Own Device Catching on in Schools" by Jason Ohler
It is especially important to understand how students use mobile devices for learning, and how educators can encourage that use, so that technology is not incorporated without a positive impact.

" . . . Please Make My School a Prison"  by Scott Mcleod'
A school superintendent in Michigan has written a public letter to the editor asking Governor Rick Snyder if his school can become a prison instead.

This week the Drive-thru begins its twice-a-week summer schedule.

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