Friday, May 6, 2011

A Baker's Half-Dozen Quotes

"half dozen farm eggs"  Flickr CC by bimurch
The future of Ed Tech is “Bring Your Own Device”, (BYOD), and schools will more than likely move away from providing devices for students sooner than later.  While BYOD is far too radical for many school districts at this time, it is inevitable that this is the future.  The sooner districts embrace this future and begin to plan for it, the more effective this transition will be.   -- Scott Meech

[The] web is the long slow death of the middleman. - Mike Wesch

Unfortunately, the vast majority of teachers are still waiting…for something. What is it? Permission? Direction? Inspiration? Enlightenment? - - Will Richardson

What makes the biggest impact in online classes I believe is how you cultivate a classroom community. Some teachers do that with synchronous tools such as Elluminate, others do that by having students get to know one another asynchronously. One of the best online teachers I know does weekly, if not daily 5 minute webcasts to update her students on how the class is going.   -- Bethany Smith

PowerPoint   . . may help speakers outline their talks, but convenience for the speaker can be punishing to both content and audience. The standard PowerPoint presentation elevates format over content, betraying an attitude of commercialism that turns everything into a sales pitch .  --  Edward Tufte

Information is no longer something humans seek – it is now starting to seek us. -- George Siemens

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