Monday, June 8, 2009

Year in Review from the Trenches -- Making Headway

Part 1 of 3
I am pleased to reflect upon on a number of techy milestones this school year:

*I have integrated several new applications, sites, and tools into my personal and professional life. (Some listed at my new Presentations Site).

*Being named an Apple Distinguished Educator was the thrill of my career.

*I have been professionally enriched like never before from my Twitter and ADE networks (See Why Twitter).

*Facebook and this blog have generated , stimulating tech conversation with personal friends like @bridgers, Rick, aml, Katy. And Facebook has allowed me to begin lining up classroom visits from accomplished alumnae like Nadia and Monica.

*I launched three very stimulating collaborative projects: The Civil Rights/Liberties Wiki, the Congressional Simulation, and my favorite -- Blogs on Vlogs.

*I enjoyed delivering a number of in-service presentations (fully listed on my new presentations resumé). There is no better way to learn than through teaching others.

*In Resolved.... I announced the New Year's resolution to avoid checking a single "paper" at home for the entire school year. Resolution kept.

*Also Resolved.... was my determination to keep blogging. Forty-six posts since the resolution, I am still going strong.

*Rick Strobl and I have begun collaborating on Web Warriors, and the results have been gratifying.

But not all has been triumph in the trenches. Come back Wednesday for "Shell Shock".

"Success" Flickr Creative Commons photo by aloshbennett


katy Koskela said...

Larry, I'm so appreciative of your eagerness, enthusiasm, and willingness to share what you are trying, succeeeding, and frustrated at with the "rest" of us. I never get the feeling that you are "speaking from on high" but instead are right along-side all of us, regardless of our expertise and experience. You should be very proud of all you've accomplished....and I'm glad you will be sharing with my library colleagues at MAME in the fall!

Detroit Sports Dork said...

Thanks, Katy. Comments like this are very motivational. ADE in July and MAME in October are highlighted on my calendar!

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