Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Play with Jpegs

Jpeg Joy
I've kicked off my summer vacation with a flurry of jpeg activity. Before I begin my show 'n tell, I should remark that I received lots of classroom compliments for the iPhoto calendar I whipped up for S-7. This creation came in the wake of the "Ann Arbor" Images book that I described in My Friend, Flickr. Also I am pleased to report that I have now converted all my Lit into Film guides into hyperlink format (See Hyperlink Heaven).

Recent Developments!
For the past two weeks I have been dropping jpegs into movies. My first effort was a film review of Orson Welles' Touch of Evil. I enjoyed dropping the jpegs into iMovie so much I have the notion of adding a "Five Star Review" to my web site each month. When I told fellow Web Warrior, Rick Strobl, what I had been up to, he tipped me off on an application that sent me off on a bender. I've completed my last two jpeg movies with PhototoMovie (Check out the free trial). In an afternoon I completed an eight minute movie for my film class on documentaries. Basically it's a podcast with jpeg illustrations. Obviously, for a film class, this has tremendous advantages. But I also wish to try it with my government classes and will check back in next week after I am done raiding the public domain jpegs at the Library of Congress!


Rick said...

I'm interested in your use of "Garage Band" for your audio tracks... I've never used that application... How did that make your projects easier?

Detroit Sports Dork said...

Ah, perfect timing! I am actually drafting a blog post about "putting the puzzle pieces" together for one of my movies and Garageband is prominently featured.

In short, Garageband is amazingly useful for creating podcasts. In this instance I took an old mp3 that I created for my gov class, loaded it into GarageBand, updated it with Obama references (good-bye Bush), and cut it down to under 10 minutes for YouTube. I put the spiffed up mp3 into PhototoMovie and added public domain photos. Uploaded to YouTube. Presto! New Movie! Much better than old mp3. Part Baker/part Stroble/part Library of Congress. Good mix!

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