Friday, June 19, 2009

I Wonder as I Blogger

A family member recently asked me what I had been reading these days. I sheepishly said, "blogs." Here's a sampling of some interesting stuff I've come across online:

Twitter is a Player in Iran's Drama

The State Department asked social-networking site Twitter to delay scheduled maintenance earlier this week to avoid disrupting communications among tech-savvy Iranian citizens as they took to the streets to protest Friday's reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Myth of the Parasitical Blogger

"One of the favorite accusations that many journalists spout. . .is that bloggers and other online writers are "parasites" on their work. . . .The reality has always been far more mixed than that, and the relationship far more symbiotic than parasitical." [Commenting on NYT columnist's blatant plagiariasm of a blogger].

The Problem with Faculty Meetings

. . . . basically everything that the administration printed out could just have been posted on a blog. . . .If the information is posted on a blog, then it can be responded to and discussion can continue long after the meeting ends. . . .The admins can present the info, we as a faculty can have a discussion, and then that discussion can continue to happen online.

E-learning 2.0

The structures and organization that characterized life prior to the Internet are breaking down. Where intermediaries, such as public relations staff, journalists or professors, are not needed, they are disregarded. Consumers are talking directly to producers, and more often than not, demanding and getting new standards of accountability and transparency. Often, they inform the productive process itself, and in many cases, replace it altogether."

US Public Ed Like GM in the 80s
Why can Apple suggest iTunes to your teen but we're not smarter about suggesting how to learn physics?"

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WillKnott said...

Loved the comment about faculty meetings. Sure that all the right folk read it. And the line about physics is fantastic.

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