Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Preview ISTE 2015" Today

One of my slides from "Preview ISTE 2015"

Today at 7:00PM ET, I will be participating in "Preview ISTE 2015". Kristen Swanson and I are featured in the Professional Development segment. Kristen Swanson will present on "Reimagining Professional Development with the EdCamp Model.  I have a twenty minute segment on "Outside of the Box Peer-to-Peer Tech Training Strategies".  Steve Hargadon and Kristin Hokanson will be moderating our one hour segment.

ISTE's description of the webinar:

The slides I will use:

I will include the following media and references . . . 

Mercy 2.0 Labs (The first 25 seconds).

Alison Kline-Kator's interview 

Taylor's iWizard Interview

Becoming a Digital School Administrator

The iWizard's New Student iPad Orientation


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