Thursday, April 2, 2015

Short & Sweet-- Six Quotes from Ed Tech Rock Stars

Photo by abstractxpressio

“Does your school work top down or side-by-side in partnership? One will drop you on your head, right?”— Stacy Hawthorne

“Pedagogy is the driver; technology is the accelerator.” — Michael Fullan 

“Education is about using skills and information to create knowledge. The tools required to do that are not stagnant. They are continuously evolving and they are the very tools that teachers need to use to provide a relevant education to their students.” — Tom Whitby

“What if we embraced the notion we see a group of kids every single day who make our classroom the most powerful think tank in the world?” —Dr. Justin Tarte

“The questions a student asks reveal their understanding of a text more than the questions they answer.” — Sean Ziebarth

“If you are building a presentation, start by planning with questions, not focusing on giving answers.” — George Couros

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