Sunday, February 1, 2015

Updated "Becoming a Digital School Administrator" on iTunes U

Since publishing Becoming a Digital School Administrator to iTunes U in September, 2013, over six hundred persons have enrolled. This "course" (best experienced on an iPad) is actually a unique collection of best practices by building school administrators for building administrators. The course's motto is lead tech integration by "Walking the talk".

In order to keep the course up-to-date I have twice completed substantial updates. Over the past few weeks I have worked my network hard for fresh resources and culled out some "old" ones. I appreciate the help of exemplary digital educators like Curt Rees, Lori Wetzel, and Anthony DiLaura for giving me some good leads on digital admins.

Course additions include:

*Craig Greshaw's outstanding selection of Google Forms.

*Joe Mazza explaining of how Voxer allows administrators to stay connected with their peers.

*Brent Coley's monthly blog for his school community called, Coley Cast.

*Peter DeWitt's book chapter on "Flipping School Communication"

Thanks to Brent, Peter, Joe,and Craig for their contributions.  And as always I welcome unsolicited leads and contributions.  Please help me continually renew this collection!

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