Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow Day Capers with Post-it Plus

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Michigan was hit with a major blizzard this week.  I took advantage of some unexpected time at home to create a 55 second iPad "Tip" for an iTunes U collection that the iWizards are creating.

The idea for this tip was inspired by Apple DE, Gabriella Meyers who recently toured each of her Apple Distinguished Schools.  While waiting to visit a Mercy science class she showed me Post-it Plus, and I have been enamored by it since.

With Post-it Plus, you can photograph any arrangement of notes and add them digitally to a Board. Several boards can be stored at the app, and your note collections can be combined and reorganized. A new feature of the app allows notes to be created and added within the app as well.

This is handy for planning storyboards and presentations. It facilitates any kind of planning by sticky-note users, because you can take your notes with you on your iPad wherever you go.

Using screenshots, my iPhone voice memo, and iMovie; I cranked out this 55 second video. I have already added it to my Becoming a Digital School Administrator iTunes U collection. Fun (and useful?) stuff.

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Cheryl Corte said...

Another cool way to organize content and share!

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