Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wacky gadgets, 2015 Predictions, and Education's Death Valley

How Technology Connects Parents and Teachers
Consider which tool will be the most helpful. Facebook is likely the most popular platform, however Twitter is a great option as well. If using Twitter, create specific hashtags for your class so it’s easy for parents to find information in one place.

Ed tech predictions for 2015
As we move into 2015, it’s a question on a lot of minds. Last year was an exciting one for ed tech — the maker ed movement exploded, mobile and 1:1 programs gained steam, and teachers continued to flip traditional learning on its head. The internet is awash with predictions from educators and ed tech experts as to what changes we’ll see in the coming months.
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Do MOOCs live up to the hype?
Enrolling in a MOOC is not the same as enrolling in a traditional course, and course completion rates may not be the best metric by which to measure success. More than their analog counterparts, MOOCs encourage exploration, trial and error, and intellectual taste testing. Most MOOCs are also free and therefore have no financial penalty for noncompletion. 

A New Era of Medicine, Centered on Smartphones
If Elaine wanted to have her skin rash assessed today, all she would have to do is take a picture of it with a smartphone and download an app to process it. Within minutes, a validated computer algorithm, which is more accurate than most doctors, would deliver by text a diagnosis of her skin rash. . . . Elaine could even download apps to see the ratings of nearby dermatologists, how expensive a visit would be, and even if the doctors themselves were difficult to deal with.

The six wackiest gadgets (so far) at CES 2015
The Ring is a finger-worn controller for your smartphone and other connected devices that will make you feel like a wizard. Made by a Japanese company called Logbar, this somewhat bulky piece of functional jewelry is designed to be worn on the pointer finger and lets users draw gestures in the air to do things such as start the music playing on their phone, take a smartphone picture or even turn the lights on and off.

How to Escape Education's Death Valley

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