Sunday, January 11, 2015

Frame of Reference

On Thursday, an associate principal from a neighboring state said that she would be giving a staff presentation on educational technology and wondered if I could give her some resources to provide at the end of her presentation.  I did not do an exhaustive inventory or try to do any sort of ranking.  I tried to provide a potpourri. And of course as soon as I pressed "send" I regretted that I had not included other favorites.  Nevertheless I thought I would share my response at the Drive-thru:

My resources are biased toward folks in the trenches.  I also have leaned toward Apple, and since I teach a Tech Leadership course I have some of that stuff.   One important point:  The great majority of my reading/stimulation comes from Twitter.  I have curated folks who tweet great links to blogs and articles.  So I have started with a an assortment of good ed tech folk to follow.  Then a mixture of blogs/sites.  Last books, which is my weakest piece since I figure by the time most e tech books get into print they are dated!

public domain photo by paulak


Blogs/Web Sites/iTunes U

Appitic -- App Lists for Education

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Hack Education

Will Richardson

Becoming a Digital School Administrator

Brent Coley (Principal)

The Principal of Change


Digital Leadership — Eric Sheninger

Communicating and Connecting with Social Media — Ferriter & Ramadan

The Global Achievement Gap— Tony Wagner

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