Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Power of T + L + C and other Musings

I head into 2015 with these ed tech thoughts on my mind . . . .

- I love my new iPhone 6 plus for work and personal use.  It has definitely encroached on my iPad usage, but couldn't see taking lots of notes or doing heavy reading on it. I am, however, doing much more reading, writing, and photo editing than I formally did with my iPhone 4.

- Speaking of photo editing, I absolutely love Photogene.  I have gone through the user-friendly tutorials to bring my self up to speed for the iWizards' iCreate Workshop on January 17.  Seventh and eighth grade girls can still sign up at

- I was really excited to see that Karen Bosch had begun work on her keynote for Mercy's Tech Talk.  She has so many creative ideas about using technology to engage kids and adults! The Conference is on Feb. 27 and you can still sign up at the early discount rate of $40.

Karen's cover slide
- With three presentations coming up in the first half of the year its time for me to get to work on some slides myself.  I feel ready for it after resting up over the holidays.  I hope you and yours were able to enjoy some nice down time too.

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