Friday, October 17, 2014

Day Off (Sort of) for an Ed Techie

Today I have enjoyed a day-off from yesterday's all day Parent-Teacher Conferences.  For me to really vacate I have to be on a bike tour like the one I enjoyed three weeks ago in California.

But today was almost as good.  I started with my daily spin/workout at Core Cycle, did some grocery shopping, and then set to work on my two favorite projects-- iCreate and Tech Talk.  

iCreate is an iPad Workshop for middle school students on January 17, 2015 from 9:30am - noon.  Activities will include drawing, animation, and video-editing.  Today I have been working on promotion and setting up future face-to-face and Skype meetings for the project.

Tech Talk is our conference for 300 K-12 educators on February 27. Today I have identified some potential presenters in my network and I am reaching out to them to consider submitting a proposal to Tech Talk.  Already we have several interesting proposals, including:

* Productivity Apps for the Busy Teacher

* I got an iPad, now what?

* Introduction to Photoshop CS6

* Creating Quality Video

Weebly in the Classroom

* Becoming a Digital School Administrator

Blending Traditional Curriculum with Technology

* Going One-to-One at Your School-- a Conversation

* Instructional Uses of Pinterest

We expect many more in the next month (deadline for submission is November 15).

While I haven't "gotten away from it all" on my day off, what ed techie would want to get away from interesting events like these?

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