Thursday, October 16, 2014

Connecting Educators, Unlimited Storage, and other Good Ed Tech Stuff

Google Gives Students Unlimited Storage Space in the Cloud
Google is giving the 30 million students and teachers who already use Google Apps for Education unlimited storage — and it's offering the same deal to anyone whose school wants to sign up for it.

How to Become a Connected Educator
Getting connected isn’t always easy. We asked some of our most plugged-in educators to offer tips on how to connect with colleagues outside your school community to form an invaluable professional learning network.
How to Record Audio Interviews With Skype and QuickTime
If you have a Mac you can record by using QuickTime. The screenshots below provide directions for recording a Skype audio call by using QuickTime. After recording your call you can take the audio file and use it Garage Band or another audio editing tool like Audacity to edit the audio.

Creating Simple Websites With Keynote
You can use Keynote to build a simple multi-page website. When you export as HTML, the resulting files can be uploaded to a web host.

Four Activities to Jump-Start Teamwork Among Teachers and School Leaders
But many teachers feel isolated in their classrooms, beholden to curriculum and state tests, but not necessarily connected to a learning community or a team to support them. That’s where school communities could learn from other types of work, where teams are crucial to generating new ideas and momentum, while providing members with support when it’s needed.

Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?


Mrs. W said...

I really love all of the resources you provide for teachers on your blog! I really like the resource that you supply about the four activities to jump-start teamwork among teachers and school leaders. Where do you find everything? Or are these just generally things that you have learned about overtime?

Mr. Baker said...

Thanks, Mrs. W. have worked hard to build a strong network through social media. I follow selected blogs on Feedly and I could not possibly blog twice a week without Twitter!

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