Sunday, September 28, 2014

iCreate - An iWizard Workshop for Middle School Students

iWizards creating iPad resources for new students

The iWizards are going to host an iPad Workshop for middle school students on January 17, 2015 from 9:30am - noon.*  It will be named iCreate. This was decided at the initial meeting about the project where the iWizards brainstormed with one of Mercy’s admissions officers.  At their next meeting the students will collaborate with the school's Fine Arts teachers.

Here are some of the initial ideas and remarks that came from the first meeting:

- The workshop will consist of 3-4 sessions that each middle school student will attend.

- The sessions should be long enough to allow attendees to create products.

- The sessions will focus on creating multimedia through apps like iMovie, Animation Creator HD, maybe Keynote.

- We might include a light breakfast.  We will not charge but will expect paid-for apps like iMovie to be loaded on students' iPads.

- We can use I.T. Department loaners for students who may not have iPads.

- We should promote the event at the November Fall Open House.

- New iWizards can be recruited help staff the event.  The event itself will be a good recruiting tool for iWizards.

- We will invite the Fine Arts Department faculty to our next meeting for input.  We also would be pleased to have them involved at any level they might wish to be.  We would be happy to promote the Art Curriculum through the event.

*The idea for hosting a middle school workshop actually came from a member of our Board of Trustees.

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