Thursday, September 4, 2014

A New Self-Paced Basic Mac OS Course (with Animated Badges!)

I have finished a new self-paced Apple OS X course for Mercy staff.  You, my faithful reader, can explore the materials as well. As of now 25 staff members have enrolled and ten have earned badges.  One over-achiever finished half the course over the Labor Day holiday.

Course Gradebook indicating badges awarded

The course is offered through Schoology, Mercy's LMS. It is designed to serve staff members, nearly all of whom have been issued MacBook Airs over the last two years.  It is a self-paced course which does not have to be completed sequentially. When a staff member completes a lesson successfully, he/she is awarded an animated GIF badge instead of a grade.

These are the lessons offered:  

Lesson 1 - Mac Basics

Lesson 2 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 3 - Making screencasts with QuickTime

Lesson 4 - Setting System Preferences

Lesson 5 - Organizing Your Desktop and Using Aliases

Lesson 6 - Organizing with Smart Folders and Tags

Lesson 7 - Snacking at the Menu Bar

Lesson 8 - Dictation and Special Characters

Lesson 9 - Using the Cool Features in Preview

Lesson 10 - Getting Help

I imagine that when the new OS X Yosemite is released soon, I will need to do some updating.  But of course computer technology is a moving target. For a couple of days I will allow myself the satisfaction of completing a fun project.

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