Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some People Go to Florida for Spring Break…. I Went to Twitter

I stayed in town during my school's Easter break.  That also meant that I hung out in the Twitter-sphere even more than I usually do.  I discovered new Tweeters to follow and weeded out some that were not paying off.  One of my most pleasant discoveries what Historical Pics which provides a endlessly interesting variety of photos.

I also connected with Bad Prof after someone tweeted his blog post On Mitch McGary, Nietzsche and Ressentiment. I poked around his web site and learned about The Allrounder project.  Bad Prof (Yago Colas) and other professors around the world are trying to establish a very different sort of sports web site:

The Allrounder is a new online journal that brings a distinct perspective to sports opinion and analysis.
We won’t break down last weekend’s action, or make predictions for the upcoming season, or speculate about roster moves and lineup changes. Other sites are better able to do that.
Instead, The Allrounder examines the ways that sport impacts communities, shapes culture, and taps bodies and emotions.
This really appealed to me, and I ended up donating to this crowd-funding efforts.

My extra leisure also allowed me to pay extra-close attention to my beloved Detroit Tigers.  Whether I am attending a game or following it on MLB at Bat Twitter has become indispensable to my enjoyment of the game.  I particularly enjoy the way some of the beat writers interact with the fans.  My favorite is Matthew B. Mowery (Oakland Press) who is candid and humorous.  He is very responsive to questions.  Tony Paul of the Detroit New has very sharp insights and responds to to interesting comments.  Recently he used one of my twitter questions in his regular column.  Others like Lynn Henning of the News and Steve Kornacki of the Fox Sports Detroit also interact with laymen Tiger fans like me, enriching our entertainment.

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