Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reimagined Learning Spaces, Essential Questions, and More

3 Things We Need To Remember For Every Professional Development
Keep it simple..well you know the rest. Often, especially in technology professional development those that do the training try to cram in every little thing into a session. . . . Now, I love technology. I live, eat, and breathe this stuff. But most teachers are completely different. Most are content specialists. They know what they teach backwards and forwards but when it comes to learning technology they really have to take their time. 

To Inspire Learning, Architects Reimagine Learning Spaces
“There’s no teacher at the front,” says Gensler’s Shawn Gehle. “The rooms are like different scenes in a video game. They inspire active learning. . . . Like PlayMaker, Wiseburn moves away from the traditional classroom, opting for neighborhoods of teaching spaces — “pods”— that open out to a large commons area for each school and an atrium that interconnects all three but provides each with a unique address.

6 Reasons for Using Evernote as Your To-Do List Application
Every Monday morning, I open and start a brand new list. Using the Evernote's check-box feature, I create a box and enter each item. I check off items as the
week progresses, and I add new ones as I stumble across them. As often happens in the life of a school administrator, I have a few items left over at the end of the week. I just copy and past them into the next week's Task List. There are several great reasons for using Evernote as your "To-Do List App.”

'Broken schools' -- or broken debate over education?
So, we become susceptible to the idea that there is a kind of broad, cultural consensus that public education is failing.  Polls can be made to say almost anything, but it seems that most parents with children in public schools carry in their brains, simultaneously, two divergent things.  First, they basically appreciate the people who are caring for their children and think they ought to make more money and have job security.  But, second, they think there is a broad consensus that public schools are “broken.”  

4 Universities Innovating in the EdTech World
Several major campuses of Missouri University are using technology to insert personal and adaptive learning opportunities into their large-enrollment courses in order to boost learning outcomes and budget carefully.  . . . .Missouri University flipped the lecture hall format and redesigned their course structure, partnering with Pearson’s MyLab to provide the best possible learning experience for its students.

Learners Should Be Developing Their Own Essential Questions
Although essential questions are powerful advance organizers and curriculum drivers, the problem is that the essential questions are typically developed by the educator not the learners.  The educator may find these questions interesting and engaging, but that does not insure that students will find them as such.

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