Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I'm staying home this Easter Break, and with no major household projects I have plenty of time to concentrate on some tech projects.

1) I am preparing for my spring/summer Leadership in Technology course at Madonna University.  This will be my second time teaching the course. However this time around it will be completely online.  I am already busy
"Ventures" by aconant
culling through my iTunes U course for multimedia materials.  I am also creating some new ones.  I will certainly miss the face-to-face contact with students but sense we all have "day jobs" being able to engage with each other through BlackBoard on our own schedules is a great convenience.  Laying out the course is a fun challenge.

2) Since my upcoming ISTE presentation is also concerned with technology leadership, I find myself thinking quite a bit about the topic. The presentation centers on leadership by example, but I now find myself interested in other aspects of technology leadership such as collaboration and transparency.  I am digging around online in those areas, trying to broaden the scope of my resources and knowledge.

3) In this space, I have recently discussed "Reviving M-Hub".  After two meetings with Kylie Meyer (who is taking the lead on this project until she goes abroad on her Fulbright Scholarship) we have decided that we will promote our site with a virtual career day.  With the help of our alumnae department, we will host some videoconferences that allow our students to careers. M-Hub will also show the students how easy it is to have their own customized career days any day they choose.

4) Finally, I have some professional development organizing to do during and immediately after Break.  Administration hopes to support our faculty as we transition from Moodle to Schoology.  At the last faculty meeting we had some great presentations on topics like rubric creation and digital testing.  We want to circle back to these topics and introduce new ones with some after-school workshops in May.  I am crafting a Google Forms survey to get input on how to best serve the needs of the teachers.

Lots to keep me busy, but busy doing things I enjoy.

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