Sunday, April 27, 2014

Preparing Students for the Future and Making Macs with Legos

The 10 Biggest Trends in Ed Tech
The one guaranteed constant in educational technology is change, and the pace of that change is definitely accelerating. So as we approach the new year, T.H.E. Journal pauses to survey the ed tech trends on the horizon. As in previous years, we have assembled a distinguished panel of five experts, including several from our advisory board. We asked them to consider 10 topics related to instructional technology and predict whether each topic will be HOT ⇧, LUKEWARM ⇔, or LOSING STEAM ⇓ in 2014.

Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning
If kids can access information from sources other than school, and if school is no longer the only place where information lives, what, then happens to the role of this institution?

Search Tips & Tricks – Inside Search – Google
Use the related: operator to find pages that have similar content by typing related: followed by the website address. For instance, if you find a website you like, try using related:[insert URL] to locate similar websites.

The Role of PBL in Making the Shift to Common Core
The Common Core has embedded within it some Big Ideas that shift the role of teachers to curriculum designers and managers of an inquiry process. How can project-based learning (PBL) help with this shift?

ExamTime Infographic: Preparing Students for the Future

ExamTime Infographic: Preparing Students for the Future
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

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