Thursday, December 6, 2012

iWizard's Favorite Apps

When  Lucy Gray met with our ninth grade iWizards, she conducted an ice breaker by asking each one her favorite iPAd app.  Here are the ones they named:

CNN (news)

Gilt  - shopping
Pulse - news
iBooks (2)  - books
Letterpress - game
imbd (2) -movie reviews
Hollergram - iPad shout outs! 
Netflix (2) - movie & tv content
8tracks - entertainment
Safari - advanced browsing
iPhoto -photo editing
ABC Player  - viewing tv content
Roombreak - game
Wanelo - shopping
Pages - Word processing
Autorap - entertainment
iMovie - movie editing
Winnie the Pooh - entertainment
Euchre - game
Siri - iPad function
iAnnotate PDF - workflow for class assignments
Photowonder - photo editing
Easy Bake Oven - entertainment
Goodnotes - assignment and note-taking  workflow
Videostar - video effects

Lucy Gray meets with our squad of 26 ninth graders.

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