Sunday, December 23, 2012

Half a Dozen Eclectic Tech Links

Why the iPad mini? One word: Textbooks
For many, the iPad mini means that Apple will be a choice in a market where formerly parents might have felt priced out of buying. A smaller screen size and fewer options may allow students and their parents -- whether middle school, high school, or college -- to buy into the Apple ecosystem, where they formerly could not.

Minneapolis Autism Teachers “blown away" by New Classroom Technology
In Minneapolis, teachers and administrators are calling a program named Vizzle an example of how technology can revolutionize special education classrooms. The process the district went through to train teachers on the software is an example of how much commitment it takes to make technology work.

14 Tweets or small “t” truths About Educational Reform
Teachers often demonstrate through their own practices that they teach the way they were taught – lectures, tests, maybe some group discussion thrown in.  I am on a mission to encourage educators to teach not the way they were taught but the way they wished they were taught . . . better yet, maybe practicing the Platinum rule.  The platinum rule extends the golden rule beyond treat others the way you want to be treated.  It states that we should treat others the way that they want to be treated. 

‘Binders’ are what’s wrong with politics today
In this, the first social-media presidential election, the debates have come to resemble reality shows during which virtual audiences cast ballots (and aspersions), hiccoughing their impulse-reactions to every word and movement into the intellectual vacuum we charitably call the body politic.

From Theory to Design: Exploring the Power & Potential of ‘Connected Learning,’

Eight Things about Education that Will Change in the Digital Age

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