Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some "Spot On" Thoughts about iPad 1:1 Learning

In July, one of our techie superstars, Alison Kline-Kator, held a Mercy 2.0 Boot Camp for our new teachers and staff. This included three mornings of immersion in ways that technology currently does and soon will integrate with our curriculum.

As an opening exercise, Alison divided her minions into small groups and rotated them around the room to brainstorm answers to general questions about technology and education and write then on big sheets of post up paper.

I was particular taken by the responses to What excites you about working in a 1:1 environment?

*All students can be involved and engaged.

*Students are active learners

*Quick communications among all.

*Helps [with organization]-- teachers and students

*Portability of device [iPad] . . . .

*Availability and extent of resources.

*Learning new ways/shortcuts to do things

*Part of technology, learning life cycle.

*Collaboration, two-way learning opportunities

*Accessibility to multimedia

*Learning from students.

*Always changes and evolves-- constant learning

*Creativity that students can bring to learning with technology tools

*Types of products and assignments accessibility allows

These struck me as "spot on" and assured me that we had some great new folks joining our ranks.

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