Saturday, September 29, 2012

iPads, YouTube, and Swiss Railway Clocks

What the iPad Has Done to Education
While opinions on the iPad are not unanimous (little in education is), its ability to bridge the gap between the classroom and home, hardware and software, and learner and content is considerable.

YouTube brings interactive quizzes to videos with Questions Editor beta
Feel like something's missing from your YouTube viewing experience -- like some good 'ol multiple-choice questions? The chronic learners among us will be happy to hear that the site is testing an interactive -- and potentially educational -- feature that lets users add quizzes to their clips.

Content Curation Primer
People and organizations are now making and sharing media and content all over the social web.   For example, onFacebook the average user creates 90 pieces of content each month.  If you multiply that by the 800 million Facebook users,  it isn’t surprising that  data or content on the Internet is  measured in exabytes, or billions of gigabytes.      Simply put, we are living an era of content abundance.     A content curator offers high value to anyone looking for quality content because finding that information (and making sense of it) requires more and more time, attention, and focus.

Why Kids Need Schools to Change
The current structure of the school day is obsolete, most would agree. Created during the Industrial Age, the assembly line system we have in place now has little relevance to what we know kids actually need to thrive.
Most of us know this, and yet making room for the huge shift in the system that’s necessary has been difficult, if not impossible because of fear of the unknown, says educator Madeline Levine,author of Teach Your Children Well.

Swiss Rail Claims Apple Copied Its Iconic Clocks. 
Switzerland's national rail company accused Apple Inc. on Friday of stealing the iconic look of its station clocks for the iOS 6 operating system used by iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

12 Most Judicious Ways to Learn Online
Do you consider yourself a life long learner? Well, I think we all are — even if we don’t identify it that way. As we grow older and mature, we learn new skills associated with work and hobbies. We become better communicators and deepen our social bonds. Studies have shown that self motivated learning is a key factor in overall well being.
If you have ever wanted to tackle a new field, there are plenty of online resources for you to check out

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