Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quotes on a Muggy Summer's Day

Churchill (Wikipedia Commons)
Scott McLeod -- "I wonder how long will it take us for us to start expecting educators to use these social media tools. It’s been 30 years since the advent of the personal computer and we’re still struggling to get teachers and administrators to integrate digital technologies into their daily work in ways that are substantive and meaningful."

Jackie Gerstein --  "Curricular enhancements incl. technology integration need to be approached with an open mind and a critical eye - a full body balancing act."

Kare Anderson - - "The most common and satisfying ways we learn and invent are not from sitting in a classroom seat being taught or trained. The world is too complex and fluid now to keep up with everything all by yourself. That doesn't mean that we aren't sought-after for our mastery of a topic or skill. It simply means we stay relevant when we engage in projects with diverse others, learning and experimenting as we go. Like children we still learn best by observing, imitating, re-mixing, making fresh mistakes and, most of all, by playing and using our imagination - with others."

Maria Popova -- "While 'old media' fought against the scarcity of information, new 
media are fighting the overabundance of information."

Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown -- "When information is stable, the explicit dimension becomes very important. The speed of light, for example, is probably not going to change....The twenty-first centry, however, belongs to the tacit. In the digital world we learn by doing, watching, and experiencing... not by taking a class or reading a manual."

Winston Churchill --  "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes." 

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