Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Baker's Half-Dozen Slices of Apple

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Since I am attending the 2011 ADE Institute at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU, I am posting six Apple links.

With Apple dropping the third shoe in online music services, after Amazon and Google, some striking differences are now apparent.

Katie Morrow's Curated Challenge Based Learning Resources!

Katie Morrow curates this topic from blogs, tweets, videos and much more: find out how!

iPad accounts for 97-percent of US tablet traffic online

According to the web monitoring company, the iPad and its successor account for 89 percent of tablet internet use globally, and 97 percent here in the US. 

iPad Apps for Administrators

This site contains information and resources for Craig Nansen's iPad 4 Educators workshops.

7 Must-Have iPad apps

More and more schools are using iPads in the classroom. These seven apps will help students — and teachers — get the most out of the hottest tech tool out there. 

Google Voice- The Ultimate iPhone How-to

This article, looks at how you can use Google Voice from your iPhone, how you can display your Google Voice number as your Caller ID, and how you can make minutes-free Google Voice VoIP calls via WiFi.

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