Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take-out from the Drive-thru

Here are half a dozen interesting links to take into the week's end:

This one is for any of my administrator friends at Belton ISD, who might still be reading the Drive-thru.  A quick read, and well worth it.  It comes via North Dakota ADE, Craig Nansen.

Is the following a glimpse at the future of the connected higher ed student?  This came to my attention through a friend at Cengage who has worked very hard to bring this to market.

The following is a very interesting read by John Fallows in the recent issue of The Atlantic:

Learning to Love the (Shallow Divisive, Unreliable) New Media

One of my most popular Tech Tips in Professional Development has been Evernote.  This came from their blog and is contributed by Michael Cruz:

I received this link from Twitter.  As an English teacher I am somewhat fascinated by this concept of "transmedia" as described by Laura Fleming, a Library Media Specialist:

Here is another really nice post on  Andreas Schleicher discusses the importance of using new ways to  identifying the best educational systems:

Assessment Systems for the 21st Century

"Take Out" with generous permission of americanvirus

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