Thursday, March 10, 2011

Research Tool for English Teachers

I don't usually use this blog to make a plug, but two days ago I was asked to review EasyBib.  Their representative signed me up for a Pro account, so I gave it a look.  I did not have to look beyond the free features to be very interested.  As one who has spent dozens of hours on bibliographies as an English major and then hundreds more teaching research to high school students, I was astonished to come across a tool that would provide enormous time savings.

The free version has an easy-to-use research guide, which is nice.  But the eye-popper is Autocite.  Paste the ISBN # of a book or url of a web site and the user immediately accesses and can customize the bibliography information.  There are fifty different options for Autocite sources.  The free version will then arrange all of your input into an MLA formatted bibliography and export it to a Word doc.  Yesterday I showed the following video demonstration to my professional development group and it was quite a hit.

The Pro version also will cite in APA and Chicago style.  It includes note taking features among other extras.  I can say this:  The English teachers I have shown this to so far, really like it.

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