Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding Authentic Audiences (PCG #11)

It was my intention that arecent professional development session would focus two topics: authentic audiences and assessment.  But a number of factors caused us to only consider the latter-- "Authentic Audiences."

Publishing the challenge solution to an audience beyond the classroom is a key element of CBL, because it "raises the bar" for students.  It's been an interesting concept to work through with teachers.  On the one hand, if they have coached a team or moderated an activity like MUN or the school play, an outside audience seems entirely natural.  But the majority of us usually leave performance in the classroom or publication on the teacher's desk.

During this past week's group sessions, I also provided my first tech tip with a price tag: 1Password.  Having  fallen into some very bad password habits,  I've quickly become hooked on 1Password to improve my security while keeping all kinds of data at my beck and call.  I've been using it to keep track of my passwords, generate new ones, store credit card information, and identity info for auto-filling forms.

I also used the most recent PCGs to expound on M-Hub-- a topic I have been gushing about recently in this space as well!  So I if you want an M-Hub update, just check out Knowledge Hubs Rock!

We have one more PCG this semester.  Hopefully,  we can begin to consider the important topic of assessment.  Here are the slide from "Authentic Audience":

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