Monday, December 13, 2010

Knowledge Hubs Rock!

It is exciting to be part of a dynamic team which is moving forward on an original online project. I'm talking about my terrifically loyal and dedicated student leadership team and its M-Hub Project.  What started up as a concept, last March, is moving toward the implementation phase at a rate I never believed possible.

M-Hub's quest is to build a database of experts on wide-ranging topics, starting with folks in the immediate MHS family-- parents, alumnae and staff.  The hope is that such a database could then be made available to students in order to help them learn how to construct personal learning networks.  The enterprise involves three major steps: 1) collecting data   2) tagging data  3) making the data available to students in a sound, accessible way.
We are on the verge of moving ahead on all three fronts:

*We have discovered that Zoomerang is a viable tool for collecting data.  We have beta-tested a survey and discovered that with a few simple questions we could collect a rich trove of data.

*We have a meeting scheduled today with an expert database manager who is willing to help us with a scheme to categorize and tag our data.

*The school web designer is eager to meet with us in order to learn our specs for the plug-in to our school web site that will allow students to access the data.

As staff proceed with their plans to design and implement Challenge Based Learning projects, I have begun to encourage them to believe that M-Hub may be operational by spring.  The Drive-thru will keep you posted!


Ann Lusch said...

This is going to be soooo helpful! Your club rocks, indeed!

Mrs. Morrow said...

Can't wait to see how this materializes for your students and your school! Exciting!

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