Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Presentation in CBL-- The Teacher's Role, Part 3

Our staff continues to meet with me in regular professional development sessions in order to consider and discuss issues related to Challenge Based Learning.  But "meet with me" has been a little sketchy, recently.  Recently, two sessions were canceled last week when we celebrated our swim teams state championship with a day off.  And when I was in California for the CBL webinar last week, I arranged for a sub to cover one session.

The most recent topic has focused on student "presentations."  Consequently, I requested that one of our fine speech teachers be the sub.  She emphasized the fundamentals of face-to-face speech and did a really great job.  My intention was to focus on slide and video presentations, but since her tips and instruction are necessary to any form of presentation, we are going to attempt have her meet with all five groups.

The groups are becoming less synchronized as the semester winds down, but I am learning to relax a little about that since we are not simply spinning our wheels or wasting anyone's time.  Worthwhile topics abound as more teachers sink their teeth into CBL. Here are the most recent slides:

Screen capture of my "Presentation 10 Commandments" for next spring's CBL presentations.

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