Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Visit with Belton ISD

I had the privilege Friday of visiting with members of the central administration of Belton ISD about the iPad initiative at their new middle school.  Apple Education brought me in to answer questions about Challenge Based Learning.  In particular the administrators were interested in staff support and professional development. 

Before I left Michigan, I asked Mercy's President, Dr. Cheryl Delaney-Kreger, what factors she thought were critical for a school embracing an innovative learning design.  One of the first things that she stressed was staunch administrative backing for such an enterprise.  And, boy, has Belton got it!  The Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon, her assistants, directors and principals showed remarkable enthusiasm for the project.  Building architecture, technology, staffing and professional development plans all seem lined up for CBL success.  I learned a great deal from my visit and sincerely hope to stay in close touch with them through their adventure.  

Here's a recent local television piece about an exemplary Belton teacher who is clearly an iPad pioneer.

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