Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Resources for Online Art Portfolios

I was approached recently by an art student about publishing an online gallery of her portfolio. She wondered what sites might best display her work. I really enjoy researching little projects like this and thought that I would share my recommendations to her and her fine art teacher, @idrawandpaint

One of my top recommendations, wix.com, came by way of my one of my AP American Government students. Her cbl project group produced an online voting demo called Operation iVote which had a stunning look. When I asked the web designer of iVote, about her experience, she said that wix.com is "the easiest thing ever to use and would be perfect for something artsy like a portfolio." wix.com is a flash based web design creation site. I inspected some of the free templates and samples at the site and they were very impressive. (I did not explore the pay options or features).

I also asked for input from ADE listserv and received a number of suggestions. Matt Cauthron of the Digital Arts Academy invited me to visit a treasure trove of galleries. His students use http://flavors.me/. Take a look at his students' portfolios in progress! An online stroll through these galleries and a peek at the flavors.me directory assured me at once that flavors.me offers the tools for creating an avant-garde portfolio.

Incidentally, the young art student who intends to build this online site also wishes to include electronica music. She is hoping to secure permissions for this and wondered if I had any suggestions. My attempt to help her led to a solution that has since become available to our entire student body (a sample may be playing for your now). I'll discuss Magnatune in my next post.
Screenshot of Michael V. Manalo's curriculum vitae created with wix.com


WillKnott said...

What a wonderful idea. Again this makes clear the true miracles of technology. Will you tell the student that when she has her site set up to let me know. I would love to see her work and to hear the music she chooses.

And I like what you chose. I seems to go perfectly with the picture.

Oh, and good luck with the next three days. I almost decided to go to the mass tonight but then thought better of it.

Larry Baker said...

Great timing, WillKnott. Meredith just came in to show me her home page. She used wix.com and it looks great. She has applied for copyright for the name of her site as well. She is highly motivated and will probably have something for the world to see in the near future.

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