Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick and Easy Podcasts (at MAPSA)

I'm at Cobo Center, November 2, hosting an Apple Computer Breakout Session for the annual conference of Michigan Association of Public Schools Academies (MAPSA). Here's the description of today's breakout:

Quick and Easy Podcasts
In this session, join Apple Distinguished Educator Larry Baker to see how easy it is to create and edit podcasts using GarageBand. He will also take a look at how iWeb allows even a novice to stylishly share audio and video with others. As time permits, the group can sample interesting podcasts and learn that with a couple of mouse clicks one can subscribe to them for free at the iTunes store.

This is a labor of love. After all, it was podcasting that accelerated my exploration of educational technology. Now it is a fundamental part of all my courses. I will begin by showing how I began using them on Moodle and how I now use require student podcasts in all of my courses. I will then give a GarageBand demo. I hope there is time left over to take a stroll across the virtual campus of ITunes U. If not, they can come back, on November 3, when browse the Apps Store and the Apple Learning Exchange as well.

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Ann Lusch said...

On Moodle I have a few podcasts of guided meditations for students who are absent from Prayer class; recording them is something that did not occur to me until last year. for a couple of semester I've also been experimenting in the class with having students record an assignment, and it hasn't been totally smooth (but will be more so in the future, I think). I'm happy with the results, though!

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