Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MHS In Service Materials

Planning the MHS In-Service was a career highlight. I loved pulling together the different elements and working with all those who pitched in. Other highlights from the experience would include :

* Launching so many folks on Twitter and reading through our hashtags after the event

*The energy level during the group collaboration session. The majority groups were really buzzing.

*The good humor that greeted me at the beginning. Most folks had logged Sunday work hours at Open House the day before, but were troopers at 8:30 A.M on Monday.

*There were some great questions through the day and also some impressive problem solving.

I had no major regrets but I was sorry that I frustrated many by going so fast through the social media. Perhaps adding Diigo put us on overload. I assumed more familiarity with the wiki. I also was surprised by the few I encountered who are really dug into an "I can't" position on tech. (This is certainly a self-fulfilling prophecy). I also was surprised that some folks took the group collaboration as an assignment rather than an opportunity. This was my fault to a degree not explaining the process more clearly. I also apologize if I used jargon or made references casually techie things that were not common knowledge. That is annoying.

Overall, a very cool experience for me. (And kind of glad I do not have a big presentation scheduled until March). It reminded me how very much I like the problem solving involved with using social media to meet teaching or communication goals.

I am happy to make the various presentation elements available by link for thirty days. All the original work is licensed with Creative Commons, non-commercial attribution.

In Service slide created by Cheryl Corte


WillKnott said...

I was there, disguised as a trench into which some of the anti-techies have dug themselves. And as little as I know about all of it, I can't see how you can survive happily at Mercy now that it has become so much a part of the daily drill. I am not sorry that I wasn't there, but I am sorry that I missed seeing you do your thing.

Larry Baker said...

WillKnott, I felt the very best remark made about the in-service came from one of the newspaper students who walked by the open door to our meeting area and remarked, "It sounds like you guys are having a party in there." Check out the music slide-- You missed some good tunes (though folks kept telling me to turn it down :-)

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