Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ten Techno Ironies

*At the ADE Summer Institute our moderator continually requested us to shut our Macbooks (ADE's still peeked at their iPhones).

*Despite her skepticism, I convinced Lynn to open a Twitter account and try out our in-service hashtag. When we sat down to try it all out, Twitter was on the fritz.

*I am usually quite positive and upbeat in this blog, but when I go negative, readership and comments almost always spikes.

*I had my knuckles rapped for NOT notifying the book store that I would NOT be using a book AGAIN this year. (There is a don't-order-a-book form?).

* Our ADE summer institute project group had chemistry problems, particularly with a bossy, tone-deaf member. We also jumped at solutions too quickly, which created misunderstandings. I'm seeing the same thing dynamics in my student groups.

*Generally, I get more face-to-face comments about my blog than online commentary.

*I stood on my head making it possible for my AP students to conveniently order the ebook version of our text for half price. I believe four of twenty-eight did so.

* After my ten minute presentation on Parent Night, one mom went off on me, saying her daughter could not learn without a book. She could not give me an idea of what a book might have that my online resources lacked. When I suggested that she just print all the stuff out and bind it, she stormed out. (Made sense to me).

*My friend, Ann, almost always sees the the weaknesses in technology schemes, yet she is the most likely person I know to try them out.

*I asked my Apple EDE if she had any knick-knacks I could give out at my in-service. Yes-- ink pens!

* And speaking of the in-service Kathy assured my at Curriculum Council that of the four presentations I will be giving over the next three weeks, the staff at my own school will be the toughest audience. (oh, joy).

Enjoyed the mammoth letters in "Fine Arts". Once again thankful for Yahoo Image sSearch and Flickr Creative Commons. "Irony?" Flickr CC photo by Cucumber 77


Ann Lusch said...

I suppose it's because I see strengths in technology schemes, too! (Assuming you meant me). :)

Detroit Sports Dork said...

I surely did mean you, Ann. Your reservations challenge and your innovations inspire.

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