Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why is Technology Important in Education and other Matters

Why is Technology Important in Education?

Can We Talk About Change Without Hurting Feelings?
As someone who finds the experience of traditional schooling to be increasingly out of step with the real world, and as someone who has come to believe that schools actually are “broken” in many ways, how do I write and speak about those viewpoints without being heard or read as hurtful or demeaning to educators in schools? Is that possible?

This Is What a Student-Designed School Looks Like
Securing assistance from teachers sometimes proved challenging. “It’s something most students aren’t used to doing,” says Logan Malik, a just-graduated senior who organized the program this year. “Instead of a teacher telling you what to do, you’re telling the teacher what you’re learning, what you want information on, and when you want to meet.

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What Role Do You Play in Social Media?
Social media should be about making a connection with others around the world . . . . It just seems that from time to time that social media fosters isolation more than connection because too many people want to spin their monologue and not engage in dialogue at all. 

Stock your PBL toolbox with the right tools for the job
There’s no shortage of tools to drive project-based learning. The trick to choosing the right tool for the job is to first think about what you are trying to accomplish, then select accordingly from the apps, websites and hardware at your disposal.

Why Do You Teach?

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