Sunday, May 24, 2015

Today's Sampling: Tech Trinity, MOOC 4.0, iBooks Author Tips, and More!

Technology leaders: Do you have the Tech Trinity of Expertise?
While at first glance, this trinity might seem obvious, I am surprised by the number of districts that do not recognize the need, do not foster it in their leaders or do not have a leader willing to embrace it.

Best of the Best: Apple and Google Educator Programs
Apple Distinguished Educators are selected for their innovative use of technology in education. They work with Apple to develop new uses for technology in the classroom, and they share their insights with educators and policy makers around the world. The selection process is highly competitive.

MOOC 4.0: The Next Revolution in Learning & Leadership
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have evolved over the past three years….
MOOC 1.0 - One-to-Many: Professor lecturing to a global audience
MOOC 2.0 - One-to-One: Lecture plus individual or small-group exercises 
MOOC 3.0 - Many-to-Many: Massive decentralized peer-to-peer teaching. 
MOOC 4.0 - Many-to-One: Deep listening among learners as a vehicle for sensing one's highest future possibility through the eyes of others.

How Do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write?
The 2,462 educators surveyed, who were either Advanced Placement teachers or National Writing Project teachers, largely agreed that technology positively impacts students with their writing, personal expression, and creativity, and facilitates collaboration. The ability to share work with a wider audience beyond the classroom is particularly engaging, with 96 percent of teachers responding that digital technologies make it more possible.

Used with permission from Steven McDermott
5 Chrome Apps and Extensions to Make Thinking More Visible lets you take notes that are synchronized with a video. As a video plays on the left side of your screen, you can type notes on the right side, and these notes automatically sync up chronologically with the video. Each note is given a timestamp, and when you click on the time stamp next to a particular note, the video will play from that point.

18 Advanced iBooks Author Tips
Make it personal. Add your own voice recordings, videos and pictures. Students love knowing that their own teacher made this book and that a lot of love went into it. Personalize your book by giving it your personal touch. You can add a video of yourself in the intro media explaining what the students are going to learn or use photo’s that you have taken yourself. A benefit of using your own materials is that you own the rights to them.

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