Saturday, November 29, 2014

March MACUL Presentation

This past week I was delighted to have my presentation proposal accepted for the 2015 MACUL Conference at Cobo Center, Detroit, MI.

Outside of the Box Peer-to-Peer Tech Training Strategies

Peer to peer training is powerful. This session will describe some methods which have proven effective at Mercy High School such as teacher lead workshops, drop-in labs and a teacher-to-teacher conference. A badged self-paced course for teachers will shared as well as an iTunes U course for administrators which includes resources exclusively created by building administrators.  Additionally, a program where savvy students orient new students to their iPads will be described.  

The learning objectives for this proposed session are closely aligned with the ISTE Standards:

- Attendees will learn how to “engage in professional growth and leadership” through successful programs that provide teacher-to-teacher tutoring and training.

- Attendees will become acquainted with peer-created online courses that address staff deficiencies in a non-threatening way, cost nothing, and conform to a busy educator’s time constraints.  Related to this, attendees will become acquainted with iTunes U, animated GIF badges, and Schoology.  Those with advanced skill levels will be challenged to “model digital age work and learning”.

- Attendees will be challenged to consider how they might enlist tech-savvy students to mentor and tutor less technically proficient students.  They will learn about a successful tech  orientation program that makes a valuable contribution to the school community. They will see how this promotes “critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making.”

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