Thursday, November 20, 2014

Badges, Room Keys, Blending Learning and More

The Teacher’s Guide To Badges In Education
Educators can learn a lesson from the video game industry. Every game gives the player an achievement (like a badge) for completing certain missions or for finishing the game. But they also give achievements for doing something really, really hard – or really, really cool! . . . .Students WANT specific goals in class to
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push them to try harder. It gives students direction instead of just telling them to “go learn on your own and report back to me”. The teacher sets precise targets which are important to the class, and the students earn a reward for hitting that target.

The iPhone Just Made Room Keys Obsolete at Starwood Hotels
The new simplified check-in process is shockingly simple. Just download the SPG app and you can check-in up to 24 hours before your reservation, retrieve your room number and Bluetooth key. Then when you come to the hotel you go straight to your room, pull up the app and hold your smartphone up to the lock to open it.

Bridging gaps with blended learning
Blended learning also fosters the ideal conditions for achieving the Common Core and ISTE Standards. In such an environment, learners are encouraged to exhibit creative thinking by designing interactive presentations that help others improve their learning. And digital citizenship becomes front and center when teaching responsibility in multiplayer gaming, simulations, messaging and other collaboration tools.

5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive
After attending a workshop on using Google Drive in the classroom, it dawned on me that I could use this completely free service to collaborate with parents in a way that was much more accessible than sending home a ton of paper with a forgetful 4th grader.

CNN Caught Using Microsoft Surface as iPad Kickstand
Microsoft proudly announced last month that it would be paying CNN to use its Surface tablets for the historic Mid-Term 2014 coverage, but when it came time to actually use Microsoft’s tablet last night, CNN political commentators discovered an incredible new Surface feature: it doubles as an iPad kickstand.

The 20 Top TED Talks for Education Inspiration

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